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Restaurant Shelter

We have decided to undertake this process as we believe in the safekeeping of the environment as a starting point and essential requirement to offer quality service in line with the peculiarities offered by the Provincial territory of Macerata.
We are in particular committed to accomplish actions on an organizational level as well as on a technical one, aimed at preventing pollution and at the continuous improvement of our environmental aspects, as far as atmospheric emissions are concerned, waste and dumping, and to decrease the resource consumption, in particular energy and water saving.
We are also committed to evaluate the use of alternative detergents that have the least possible impact on the environment, compatible with the hygienic needs associated to our activity.
Within such activities, we give particular importance to collaborator training and their tangible role in objective achievement. It is also of crucial importance for us to inform our clients, not only on our internal norms in order to help us achieve our objectives, but also regarding environmental initiatives and on-the-territory public transport.


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Address Via Monte Coglia, 19
Phone +39 0 737 527 027 - + 39 338 896 320 8
Fax +39 0 737 521 85
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