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The Parish Church of St. Paul the Apostle was built in the XI century in Romanesque style. Inside you will find, among other things, a painting of the Conversion of St. Paul by Bacicccia, an artist from Genoa, one of the major painters of Baroque, and a wooden statue of Madonna with Child in the Abruzzo region art style.

The bell of the church was rebuilt in 1914 on the rests of the tower of the ancient Castrum. In the Town Hall you can see an archaeological collection of prehistoric artifacts (from the Paleolithic to the Eneolithic) found along the shores of Fiastra Lake in periods of fluctuations of the waters.

In Fiegni place there is the Sanctuary of St. Ugolino. It has a great artistic value especially for the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries paintings in the central nave through which it is possible to trace the history of the local church and the life of the Blessed Ugolino, Franciscan hermit.

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Lake Fistra (640 m above sea level) is a artificial basin built in the 50’s following the damming of the river Fiastrone and the construction of the 85 meters high dam. Today it is popular for waterskiing and fishing, especially trouts and for summer bathing season.

On the south-east bank it has grown the modern town of St. Lorenzo to the Lake around the Church of St. Lorenzo dating back to the XI-XII in which you can find frescos of the thirteenth-century as well as ones of the school of Camerino. From the little beach of St. Lorenzo to Lake starts an easy path where you can enjoy great views and reach quiet coves near the lake.

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